Muscle-up Training

Muscle-up Training Guidelines

Determine what group you fit into based on your initial benchmark test.

Perform 3-4 muscle-up workouts per week (this includes when muscle-ups normally come-up in the strength training section of the normal workouts). Add these supplemental workouts either after or before your normal workout. Rotate through this series of workouts. They should typically take an extra 10-15mins.

Also aim to spend an extra 6-10mins on mobility work. This can be done in your warm-up, at home or at any point during the day. The goal is to make sure the structures that receive the most stress during muscle-ups need to receive some extra attention because of the extra volume of work they will be doing.

Muscle-up Group 1“I can not do a muscle-up, but I can do at least 5 strict chins and ring dips.”

Workout 1: 10mins of practice on MU Transition progression:
kneeling muscle-up drill. perform 1-3 reps every 45s. perform as strictly as possible

OR, as you advance, spend 10mins making 1 muscle-up attempt every minute.

Workout 2: 10mins, rounds for quality
2-4 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
2-4 Strict Ring Dips

Workout 3:
band muscle-up drill. 10mins of practice. 1-3 reps every 45sec. Perform as slowly and strictly as possible

Muscle-up Group 2“I can do at least 1 muscle-up.”

Workout 1: 10mins of quality practice on MU Transition progression:

* Perform as slowly and controlled as possible.

Workout 2:
10mins, rounds for quality
2-4 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
2-4 Strict Ring Dips

Workout 3:
For 10mins every minute on the minute, perform 1-3 muscle-ups

Workout 4:
10 muscle-ups for time.

Mobility Training

Chin-up and muscle-up training both put a lot of stress on certain muscles. Because you will be doing a high volume of work with these muscles and movements, it is essential to make sure these tissues remain recovered, limber and mobile. Otherwise certain postural problems can be exacerbated.

For the muscle-up challenge, we recommend doing mobility for on the the lats, shoulder extension movement, and forearm.

Lat mobility

Shoulder Extension

or the fancier version:

Forearm mobility

First drill from this video: